The Big Guy

It is Monday evening and I am sitting in the hockey arena while Zachary is assisting in the coaching of young skaters.

And, it is absolutely adorable to watch!

As the youngest of three sons, Zachary does not get much opportunity to be ‘the big guy’ so it is utterly delightful to see him shining so bright out there with the little ones.

After last week’s coaching, Zach, in his most serious voice, told me how they handle the kids who are crying. Step one is to dry the tears and keep going (so always have Kleenex in your pocket). Step two is to wave to mommy or daddy on the sidelines (and distract as soon as possible with something really fun). Step three is to go over and give mommy or daddy a big hug (but make it quick). Step four is to just go with it and let the child leave the ice.

Monday nights have become a highly anticipated bright spot in the week and I couldn’t be happier to see my boy looking so thrilled! :)

Extraordinarily Proud

Man RunningIn the last six months my husband has completely turned his health around. He has lost 35 pounds, changed his diet and become an exuberant fitness enthusiast.

Today he ran his very first half marathon. His goal was 2 hours. He ran it in 1 hour, 51 minutes and 16 seconds.

Feeling incredibly proud! :)Proud

Extraordinarily Old!

Old WOmanI spent a fantastic day running workshops for two groups of Rotman Commerce students today.

I happened to mention to one of my groups that I am a North Toronto Collegiate Institute grad. One of the students approached me after the workshop to tell me that he had also gone to NT for high school.

He asked me when I graduated and I said 1987. He got a cute look on his face and said; “hmmm, well I was a little bit after you because I wasn’t born until 1994.”

Not born until 1994?!?!


Boy…did that ever make me feel old! :)


Max is out skateboarding. That is his passion.

Zachary is at the hockey arena for select team tryouts. That is his passion.

PassionI am writing. That is my passion.

Passion…that feeling of compete and utter purpose and joy and delight.

Michael has not yet discovered his passion. Today I took him to a karate studio for a tour and a lesson and, for the first time, I saw a glimmer of passion. He kicked, he punched, he blocked. And the look on his face made my heart sing.

If there is one thing I want to do with my kids, it is to help them explore and discover their own unique brand of passion. I want them to go through life knowing that feeling of deep and thrilling purpose.

I want their hearts to sing.

Today is an extraordinary day because Michael caught a glimmer and I could feel his heart take flight! :)Follow Your Passion

My Extraordinary Mom

Just gotta share my latest mom story…

I am in Toronto for two days running workshops and, having been in bed for twelve days, it is a bit of a push.

I Love My MomMy mom phoned me yesterday afternoon because she was cruising around Union Station in Toronto to find the perfect place to pick me up from the train in the morning.

Mom didn’t want me to have to struggle onto the subway with my suitcase and use up all my energy for the day just getting to work. We agreed on a place and mom picked me up this morning and dropped me at work. She took my suitcase home with her and then met me after work with a cup of tea waiting for me in the car. She brought me home to her house where my darling dad was waiting. We just finished a delicious dinner of lentil, tofu and sweet potato and my cozy bed is just waiting for me to fall into.

In the morning, mom is going to take me back downtown and then meet me when I am done to take me back to the train station with my suitcase.

Am I cherished, or what?

Isn’t it extraordinary that at the age of 46, I am still so tenderly and lovingly nurtured by my Mommers?!?!? :)