The Push

It is a cold and grey Friday afternoon and my heart is racing with the radical new mission that I have just undertaken…365 straight days of blogging about nothing in particular.

Oh dear!

One week ago today I was struck by the idea for this blog. The concept of the Radical Act intrigued and dazzled me. Wouldn’t it be cool, I thought, to blog about the extraordinary in the everyday? And wouldn’t it be fun to see where the idea might lead? For the two days following my epiphany I felt the excited buzz of a new project. I was charged up and motivated to get back to my daily practice of writing and to allow my creativity to be unleashed.

By Monday morning (day three) the excitement started to fade and reality slipped its way in. The voice in my head (which sounds remarkably like an angry librarian) started to list all the reasons why a new blog was a bad idea; “you don’t have time Katie, you have three kids, a busy schedule, a business to run, priorities, responsibilities.” I was easily swayed by the librarian and by mid-week the idea was just one of those cool notions that gets swept easily under the carpet.

I woke up this morning, however, with that dust-covered idea jumping up and down in my head. All I could hear was; “do it, do it, c’mon Katie, you can do it, you will love it!” Somehow over the course of this past week the angry librarian has been replaced with a pom-pom waving cheerleader at a pep rally. And her perky enthusiasm and steely determination was simply too hard to resist.

And so, choosing to heed the push from the cheerleader, my first Radical Act is unfolding. I have registered a new blog, picked a theme, customized its appearance and launched a brand new 365 day project.

Am I crazy? I have three kids, a busy schedule, a business to run, priorities, responsibilities…

Go, Katie go!

5 thoughts on “The Push

  1. Squeeeel with delight. I love reading your thoughts – you inspire me. I love that you share a piece of who you are with me, so that I can take that torch and carry it into my world. I love you! Go Katie Go!!!!!

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