Nothing to Do

I walked my youngest son, Zachary, to school this morning. The sun was shining, the air was crisp and the smell of dry leaves was in the air. As we cut through the park I felt like a little kid as I kicked my way through the leaves and sent them flying and floating and catching the sun. By the time we got to school Zach’s cheeks were rosy and beautiful and his goodbye kiss, hug and ‘I love you’ felt particularly poignant. It was as if for a few moments time stood still so that I could take an emotional snapshot of my beautiful boy and tuck that moment into my heart.

As I walked home the sun on my face felt like soul food and I was struck by a feeling of almost overwhelming bliss. I arrived home to my house flooded with the morning sunshine and the bliss bubbled over so that I just had to exclaim; ‘what a life!’

What a life!

As I settled into my morning’s work, Paul Simon’s quote drifted across my consciousness and all I could think was; ‘yup, that’s my work for today!’

   I've Got Nothing to Do Today But Smile

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