Creative Fallibility

My eldest son, Max, likes to tease me about my long-form texts. I just can’t seem to break out of my English Literature background and conform to the accepted texting acronyms. Max’s texts read like a toddler has been loose on his iPhone and it can take me many concerted minutes to decipher the code. Usually I give up and send him a whole line of question marks. He sends me an ‘lol’, which I actually do understand, and translates his gibberish into English. I do stay as current as I can but texting vernacular makes me feel curiously uncomfortable.

I am a manic proof-reader. I am the person who proofreads e-mails at least three times (even e-mails to friends). If I discover an error after I have hit ‘Send’ I will get that uncomfortable feeling deep in my belly. And if the e-mail is to a client it will drive me crazy. Type A is probably a pretty accurate description for me in many aspects of my life and writing is no exception. But as Sally Albright so pithily puts it; “I just like it the way I like it!”

My desire for accuracy means that my writing can be an extremely laborious process. Blog posts in the past have taken me at least a week to write, proofread, edit and publish. And even after publishing I would proofread, edit and re-publish until the angry librarian in my head would put her foot down and say; ‘okay Katie, that’s quite enough, now move on!’

I am six days in to my new blog and I am finding it a refreshing and curious change. I don’t have a week to go through all my aforementioned process. I don’t even have a day. I have places to go and people to see. I do not have time for Type A blog publishing this time around.

Knowing my proclivity for the longer process, I am fascinated that I did not assign myself the task of writing once a week for 52 weeks, or once a month for 12 months, or even once a quarter for 4 quarters. Oh no, I had to pull out the really big guns and commit to writing every day…three hundred and sixty five blog posts!

I see two options; admit creative fallibility or blog myself into an emotional breakdown by Christmas. If the last few blog posts are any indication, it seems I am choosing the former. Creative fallibility for me is akin to giving up caffeine for others; I get the jitters, it makes me cranky and I am just jonesing for a fix…‘just give me a week to write this post and it will be a slam dunk!’ But I will slowly wean myself off the need for perfection and my emotional well-being will thank me for it.

So what does creative fallibility mean to me? It means that my blog posts take no more than two hours. It means that I proofread once or maybe twice and that after the post is published I let it go and allow it to be imperfectly wonderful. It means that getting my ideas out there is more important than getting them out there perfectly edited.

It seems that 365 Radical Acts has something to teach me and as uncomfortable as it feels, I am way too stubborn to back down from the challenge.  Perhaps this blog is showing me a whole new way to live my life…go figure!

And in parting, I would just like to say; TFR YTG BFN! 😉

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