Superhero Crush

Television and movie watching can be very tricky for me as I do not have a filter. I don’t seem to have the innate skill of separating my experience from the one onscreen. If a mother is grieving the loss of a child, I am that mother and I am completely unstrung emotionally. The experience of the characters on the screen is just so alive for me that I have no way of blocking it from my own.

Renting movies can be particularly challenging in my family. I live with four men (three sons and a husband) and their preferred genre is aliens, end of the world, dystopia, terrorists, zombie apocalypses, and so on. Anything with violence, blood, guts and gore has their rapt attention. Give me a beautiful Jane Austen movie any day!

One genre we can agree on is action movies. There is something so fascinating and otherworldly about the action flick that I actually love them. I am mesmerized by the heroics, the special effects, the dazzlingly fit bodies (!!!) and the smattering of romance. My favourites are the new Marvel series and I have a particularly nasty crush on Tony Stark and Thor.

We are off to celebrate my son’s 11th birthday with Thor 2 and I am not sure who is more excited, Michael or me!

Off to Asgard…review to follow! 🙂

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