Oh, Really Mom?

It is Sunday night after a busy birthday weekend and I am worn out. I have spent the better part of my weekend surrounded by small members of the opposite sex and I am feeling the need to retreat into some uber-female activity. Having three sons means that there is a significant dearth of female company in my life. Don’t get me wrong…I love boys and I absolutely love being a boy-mom.

Sometimes, however, I just need a good dose of my own kind.

Tonight, that dose of female-ness is going to be a deliciously romantic Jane Austen movie. Prideandprejudiceposter

I had lunch with my buddy Liz a few weeks ago and she asked me to name my favourite go-to movie (the one I watch when I am sick or tired or even just a little low). The 2005 production of Pride & Prejudice is that movie for me, hands down. And I have watched it so many times I could probably perform every scene.

And what is it about this particular production of a novel that was written over a century ago that lures me in time and again? I am fascinated by the costumes, the scenery and the study of life for a woman in that era. And I am absolutely enthralled by the romance, the missed chances, the misunderstandings and the happy ending. And then there are the over-the-top characters of Mrs. Bennett, Mr. Collins and Lady Catherine de Bourgh (played so brilliantly by Judy Dench).

When I am feeling sick, tired or low and I settle in to a nice little session with the Bennett family, the disdainful refrain from any of the males in my family is; ‘Oh God, you are NOT watching that movie AGAIN! Nobody does anything and nothing ever happens!’ What they mean is there is no alien invasion, no terrorist attack, no super-virus wiping out the planet!

I have nothing to say in defense of my go-to movie and I have stopped even trying. I just brace myself for the teasing and settle happily into the bosom of the Bennett family. And I silently celebrate the fact that as much as I love living with men, this woman is most certainly from Venus!

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