A Bittersweet High Five

Twenty one days ago I jumped, with some trepidation, into the unknown realm of cleansing. afraid to jumpTwenty one days later I am thrilled to report that I am a cleansing convert! I actually enjoyed the cleanse so much that I am reluctant to go back to ‘normal’. I even considered extending the cleanse but it felt sort of like clinging onto a good thing that eventually loses its shine. A huge success factor was that, for better or for worse,  my husband and I embarked on this voyage of discovery together. Fortunately for our marriage, it was usually better! 

It’s amazing how curious people are about cleansing and the cool questions I have been asked over the past three weeks. I have decided that to celebrate my wildly successful cleanse I would share the highlights (and maybe for those of you who have considered a cleanse but feel as intimidated as I used to, maybe this will help).

Katie’s Clean Cleanse highlights…

  • Energy: I feel a spring in my step that makes me feel like I have Flubber in my shoes…and it feels wonderful!
  • Happiness: A feeling of happiness on a cellular level…I know that probably sounds weird but I have been working so hard to be happy for years that to feel it just come naturally from somewhere deep inside this miraculous body is mind-blowing.
  • Hunger: I have allowed my body to feel hungry without desperately needing to fill it. And I was NOT hungry the whole three weeks as I had anticipated. I kind of actually liked tuning into hunger when I was feeling it (go figure!)
  • Blood Sugar: Absolutely no blood sugar crashes.
  • My Heart Rate: Not one episode of racing heart…not one.
  • Self-Control: I HAVE it and I am really good at it. And there were very few times, once I got into the swing of the cleanse, that I even needed it.
  • Eczema and Hives: Significantly calmed.
  • Colourful Lunches: Being limited to certain foods encouraged me to expand my boring repertoire of the same foods week after week; bright orange squash, vibrant purple cabbage and brilliant green Brussels sprouts to name a few. heathly_heart_vegetables_400_400_s
  • One Meal per Day: Knowing that I was only preparing one meal per day gave me the energy and drive to prepare a really delicious meal. I am usually a reluctant cook but I discovered abundant mid-day energy that I exuberantly channeled into lunch preparation. And it occurs to me that if I have more energy to prepare it, then doesn’t that also mean that my body has more energy to digest it? Something to think about.
  • Time With my Husband: I absolutely loved having lunch every day (except for a few days we were running workshops) with my husband. It was time right in the middle of the day to sit down, relax and enjoy a quiet meal together (with no kids around to draw our attention elsewhere).
  • Sense of Accomplishment: I know that my little cleanse does not crack the top one million on the scale of global importance but I feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Three weeks ago I thought I would be relieved and delighted to be looking at the back end of my first cleanse. The reality is that the high five at the finish line has just a tinge of the bittersweet! High Five

Happy Friday! 🙂

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