No Deeds to Do

It is a cold and rainy Friday afternoon. My work is done for the day and I am leaning back into the contentment of the week’s end. I am also feeling the sweetness of the day I have spent with my youngest little guy, Zachary. We have had the house to ourselves all day which means a very rare and precious opportunity for one-on-one time together. Zach and I share a love of building and LEGO is our very favourite. Knowing that it was just going to be the two of us today, we planned a ‘LEGO date’.

Playing LEGO with Zach is a genuine delight because we chat while we are building. Some of it is about what we are doing and some is just easy chatter about various topics of interest. The thing I love most is that our time together does not depend on the TV, the X-Box, the iPad, iPod or computer. The low-tech simplicity of LEGO means that while we are connecting pieces of LEGO we are also connecting our relationship. There is something charmingly old fashioned about LEGO (even though the sets keep getting more and more elaborate, and the house set we worked on today was no exception!) Lego house

When lunchtime rolled around we decided that the ‘LEGO date’ should include a trip to Chuck’s Burger Bar on Locke Street for a delicious lunch. During lunch we talked about life, the Universe and everything and by the time we left I was feeling completely relaxed and almost giddy with delight. If you are ever feeling stressed and disconnected, go have lunch with a 9-year-old, there is nothing more grounding!

My favourite moment of our ‘LEGO date’ came after lunch when we had settled back into the hunting for pieces and building our LEGO house. As I found a particularly elusive piece of LEGO, Zachary looked at me and said; ‘I love being with you Mommy.’ There was something so genuine and so tender about his simple declaration that I could feel my throat tighten and my heart expand.

We live in a pretty crazy house that can, at times, feel like a three-ring circus. Sometimes I worry that my kids are not getting enough of me because there is simply not enough to go around. My day with Zach made me realize that as extraordinary as a day together can be, I do not need a whole day to connect with any of my kids. Most of our connections are made in precious moments; a hug, a kiss, a backrub at bedtime, a shoulder or an ear when there are troubles and the ‘I love you’ that perpetually hovers on my lips and is spoken easily and often.

As Friday afternoon drifts into Friday evening I feel a warm and loving contentment. And as I share my ‘LEGO date’ I am reminded that this life I am living is spectacularly wonderful!

‘Life I love you, all is groovy.’

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