The Raveled Sleeve of the Spirit

We had our first enchanting taste of winter yesterday! The temperature dropped well below zero and we marveled at some dramatic snow squalls swirling outside the window.I Love Winter

I absolutely love winter! I love the crisp air, the brilliant blue skies, the snow, the storms, the skiing, the tobogganing, the skating, the playing, the rosy cheeks and the joy!

I love the bulk of my winter clothes and braving the elements to enjoy winter play. I love feeling as if I am 10 years old again. And I absolutely love the exuberance I feel outdoors in the wintertime!

As much as I love the playing, the snow angels, the tobogganing and the downhill skiing, winter is also about the slowing down. It is a time for cuddling up at home and eating delicious and nurturing food. It is a time for lazy weekend mornings and late breakfasts. It is a time for exuberant activity followed by deep rest. It is a time for reading, for candles, for crackling fires and for warmth. And with darkness falling so early, it is a time for gathering the family inside the inviting welcome of home.

Winter is a time of energetic hibernation. Of knitting up the raveled sleeve of the spirit. It feels as if winter comes with permission to slow down and to rest. The other seasons seem to demand that we jump in and enjoy all that the outside has to offer. Winter beckons us out and then gently nudges us back inside for creamy hot chocolate and our coziest clothes.

When springtime arrives and begins to spread her warmth and her abundance, I am always ready to emerge from my cozy winter’s hibernation. I feel refreshed and healed and I am ready to leap back into long days, warm nights, bike rides, baseball in the park, street hockey, swimming and long walks.

But for now I will lean in and surrender to the short days, the long nights, the darkness, the cold and the blustery snow. And…I will wait impatiently for that very first winter storm!Winter

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