Buddy Lytton

Every year, as November rolls around we find ourselves surrounded by multitudes of Movember mustache-wearing men. As I rode in on the GoTrain this morning I felt like I was surrounded by cops, porn stars and Ron Burgundy look-alikes!


Now, don’t get me wrong…I have tremendous respect and admiration for the Movember Campaign. I just think the mustaches are hilarious!

As I walked through the Toronto PATH on the way to my workshop I started to giggle. So many cheesy mustaches everywhere. It reminded me of a silly game my younger brother used to play; What is Your Porn Star Name? You take the name of your first pet and the name of the street you grew up on and…voilà…that’s your porn star name.

Well…our first pet was Buddy and we grew up on Lytton Boulevard so…Buddy Lytton it is. As I walked the PATH I was dying to canvass all these mustache-wearing men to discover their seedier alter egos.

No…I did not. I was on my way to lead a very professional workshop at a very conservative Canadian institution. It was not the time for such antics!

Here are some of my favourites…apart from Buddy Lytton, of course!

Whiskey Featherstone
Tinkerbelle Madison
Brownie Marsh
Bunny Flowers
Ranger Parkside
Frosty Greenberry
Skipper Ledgewood

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