A Radical Act of Breakfast

I am a rule follower. I have been a rule follower all my life. I’m not particularly proud of my rule following, per se, but it has always kept me on the right side of the principal’s office which has worked out pretty well for me!

In the past few years I have worked very hard at shifting my adherence to rules. The ones I find hardest to break are the ones that I set for myself. Things like; don’t eat after dinner, no sugar, no potato chips, no caffeine, no alcohol (especially if I’m alone), get up early, work first, then play and exercise every other day. I have deep admiration for the rule-breakers of the world (my beloved husband being one of them) but I just can’t seem to climb onto that particular bandwagon.Life is Short

Our local chocolate shop has a sign in the window that says; ‘Life is Short. Eat Dessert First’. And, I have to admit, as much as I love that pithy rule-breaking saying, I do not practice it.

Well…that is, until today.

I am on Day Two of my wonderful northern retreat. I have finished my work for the day and am now entirely without have-tos, coaching calls, client calls or day-to-day business maintenance for the next five days. I can relax and settle in to the solitude and freedom of my retreat. To celebrate my aloneness, I have a beautiful fire going and I am sitting with my laptop and a glass of delicious red wine…another broken rule…drinking alone! Oh dear!

I awakened late this morning after a fairly rough night. My eczema flared at 3:00 this morning and I thought I was going to go insane with the scratching of my right foot. And so, rather than succumb to the breakdown, I got up and put together a gigantic pot of homemade chicken stock. At 5:30 I settled back into bed and awakened at 8:30 feeling a little groggy and disoriented.

Regardless of where I am, my morning ritual is a cup of Vanilla Rooibos tea followed by a kale and spinach smoothie (see…I told you I was a good girl!) This morning, however, I had a wicked craving for a giant cup of mint tea and a sizeable slab of the Raw Chocolate Mousse Pie that I blogged about a few days ago.  Chocolate pie for breakfast? No way!

Yes way! At 9:30 this morning I tucked into a giant piece of yumminess…and it felt absolutely rule-breakingly wonderful!Pie for Breakfast

Drinking alone, pie for breakfast…what else am I going to get up to this week?

The principals of the world are certainly shaking their heads in disapproval! Katie Geoghegan, please report to the office…

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