Serendipitous Jiggling

I am a great believer in serendipity. I am intrigued by it, often humbled by it and deliciously delighted when it knocks on my door.

When I arrived up north three nights ago for my lovely retreat, I called the fancy local Scandinavian spa and booked a 90-minute massage for Monday morning. I didn’t connect with the woman I spoke with on the phone and was left with kind of a hoity-toity feeling about the whole experience. Not to mention the fact that the massage was going to cost an arm and a leg and I wasn’t sure I wanted to do the Scandinavian Baths by myself.

So…following intuition, I called yesterday morning to cancel my massage and felt wildly relieved. I was also a little disappointed because I did want some pampering while I am up here.

That’s where the serendipity comes in…

Riversong OasisAfter my walk down by the lake yesterday I wandered up into town to browse the shops and get warm before my walk home. Not far off the beaten path I stumbled into a brand new wellness studio called Riversong Oasis. What initially pulled me in was the logo of the studio; the yin and yang, the shamanic-looking character with the flute and the water trailing off into the distance.

I recognized instantly that I was being guided to Riversong for some reason and allowed myself to lean in and follow along.

I was met by two lovely and down-to-earth women and ushered into a beautiful space that spills out onto the Thornbury millpond at the back and has a gorgeous view of Georgian Bay out the front. Big windows, lots of light and natural wood attracted me immediately and I thought; ‘this is where I can get a massage’. However, when I looked around I noticed odd-looking gym equipment. All I could think was; ‘oops, I’m in the wrong place’ and ‘how can I get out of here quickly’? Just as those thoughts were floating through my head, the manager, Pam, asked me if I had ever heard of Vibration Therapy, which, I told her, I had not.Riversong2

Pam told me that Vibration Therapy was created for the recovery of astronauts after extended zero-gravity stays in space to address the loss of both muscle tone and bone mass. Apparently, this therapy has become mainstream in the physiotherapy, chiropractic and fitness realms.

Pam (and her buddy Linda) proceeded to tell me about the health and fitness benefits of what they laughingly call ‘jiggling’. As I watched Pam climb onto one of the jiggling machines all I could think was how totally weird it looked and I wasn’t sure if I was repulsed or intrigued.

As I watched Pam jiggling away and describing this type of therapy I was still not sure what was in it for me. That’s when she hit me with the benefits of Vibrational Therapy on lymphatic drainage and detoxification.

That’s what I was doing there…detoxification.

I have to back up a little and describe the past three nights of sleep I have had since arriving here on my retreat…itchy, scratchy and going insane! I am in the throes of a brutal eczema and hives flare which, as my Naturopath keeps assuring me, is the toxic load in my body which, at this point, is unable to find another way out and is dumping into my skin. Let’s just say, it’s pretty brutal and I have not slept past 2:30 in the morning since I arrived. And, at 2:30 this morning it was so bad I thought I was going to go off the deep end with the scratching!

Back to Riversong Oasis…

As Pam was describing the benefits of ‘jiggling’ and detox she saw my eyes light up. It was then that she pointed to a beautiful wooden infrared sauna in the corner. Being well-versed in the health benefits of the infrared sauna, I went from mildly interested to absolutely intrigued. By the time I left Riversong, Pam and Linda had me stocked up with my personal detoxification kit; a bag of hibiscus tea, a bag of Himalayan bath salts and a jar of Sole (water saturated with Himalayan Crystal Salt which is used first thing in the morning to balance electrolytes and essential minerals in the body).

I also had an invitation to return the following day for a ‘jiggling’ session and a sauna.

When I arrived today I met the genuinely warm and delightful owner, Allison. She and Linda got me started on a machine and it was a hoot. They were also ‘jiggling’ and we giggled and laughed our way through the three short beginner sessions they programmed for me. I can only liken it to the feeling of jumping on a trampoline- you just can’t help but feel joyful and young. After that I had a 45 minute sauna and left feeling sweaty and wonderful with a wide open invitation to use the facilities while I am up here (at no cost as I am using the free trial membership).

As I sit here drinking a pot of hibiscus tea by the fire, I am feeling deeply appreciative of serendipity, intuition, kindred spirits…and, of course, ‘jiggling’!


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