Twenty-four hours ago I was tucked up on my couch feeling emotionally bruised and energetically low. I struggled, even, to get my blog post written and published last night because all I wanted to do was to curl up in my nice, cozy bed and pull the covers up over my head.

Twenty-four hours later I am filled with energy and I am grinning from ear-to-ear!cartoon-sun-hi

Isn’t it amazing how twenty-four hours can shift perspective so Radically?

I am working on a new website and some new branding for my business. I thought that I should also get a new professional picture taken for LinkedIn, my website, my blog and for my Google image. My friend, Liz, suggested a wonderful photographer right here in Hamilton that she had used for her pictures. A few months ago I booked December 12th.

How could I have known that December 11th would be so messy?

When I awakened from another restless night of sleep (my poor hubby has a nasty cold!) I thought about cancelling the photo shoot. All I could think was; ‘how can I have my picture taken when I feel so far from my best?’ I decided, however, that I would go through with it and, all I can say is…what a BLAST!

I had hair and makeup done by an absolutely delightful woman and Kevin Thom, the photographer, was fabulous! I truly detest having my picture taken and Kevin made it so much fun and completely relaxing!

I am off to a Christmas party tonight and with my hair, makeup and energized attitude I am so looking forward to the festivities!

As I drive our cute little red Mini Cooper into Toronto, I will be thinking of the Radical difference twenty-four hours can make!

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