Angels in the Park

Today has been a day of cherubic-looking rosy-cheeked children and a beautiful world of white outside my window! It has been snowing since the wee hours of the morning and our wonderful city has been transformed into a veritable wonderland.Rosy Cheeks

There is just nothing more exciting than waking up to a snowstorm. I spent considerable time enjoying the storm from the comfort of my bed with a rather large cup of tea and happily basked in the beauty of the blowing and swirling snow. When I did finally rouse myself, I decided to forego my usual Saturday attire of jeans and a sweatshirt for long johns, ski socks and a turtleneck sweater. I was anticipating lots of time outside in the snow to play, shovel, and, my personal favourite, to make beautiful snow angels.

All three boys were at sleepovers last night and they dribbled home at various times through the morning. They had all had very late nights and Michael looked particularly done-in and immediately crashed on the couch. Zach got home from his hockey practice just after 1:00pm, jumped in his snow clothes and we did not see home again until 6:30. He teamed up with three other neighbourhood boys and they went shovelling. When Zach returned home this evening his cheeks were rosy, his smile was a mile wide and his pockets were heavy with the $35.00 he had earned.

My afternoon of industriousness was confined to the kitchen. Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday party and I volunteered to make all the desserts; I made two Raw Key Lime Pies, one Raw Chocolate Mousse Pie and a double batch of Vanilla Cream. It took me almost five hours to complete all my desserts and by the time I did it was dark. As pleased as I was with my lovely desserts I must admit that I was a little disappointed that I had not had any snow-playing time.

As I contemplated settling in for the evening with a cup of tea, the snow-loving little kid in me was just begging to play. I decided to listen to her insistent urging and suited up in all my warm winter gear. I decided that even though there wasn’t anyone to play with, I would head out to do the shovelling. My poor hubby is very sick with the flu at the moment so he could not work his usual magic. And, ironically, we were the only house in the neighbourhood that did not get shovelled by Zach and his crew.

Money sure talks, doesn’t it?Yipee

I thoroughly enjoyed my solitary shovelling time but when it was complete I did not feel like heading back inside. Just as I was deciding to go for a wintery walk around the neighbourhood, Michael appeared (having roused himself from his sleepover stupor) fully decked out in his winter gear and asking me to play.

Yippeeeeeee…someone to play with!

We headed over to the park and spent a good hour making snow angels, barreling down the extra-slippery slide, burying each other in snow, trudging around (up to our knees in some places) and lying quietly on our backs in the poufy white magic of winter while the heavy snowflakes tickled our cheeks.

We were the only ones in the dark and snowy park which lent an almost mystical feeling to our adventure together and I could feel magic in the air.

As I cherished the snow, the cold and my beautiful son, all I could think was; this moment is absolutely perfect and there is nowhere else in the world that I would rather be. And as I sit here on my cozy couch with a cup of tea and a beeswax candle burning, I can feel the bliss, the energy and the love that we left behind us dancing with the angels in the park.

Snow Angels

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