The Ice Storm Cometh

We are under an extreme weather alert. A ‘major ice storm’ is on its way from Texas. A week ago today we were in the throes of a major snowstorm and today the thermometer is not cooperating and is hovering just around freezing. Our beautiful white Christmas is slowly being washed down the gushing sewers and it feels more like a gloomy November afternoon than four days before Christmas.Ice Storm

I must admit that I find events like these extremely exciting. I love the idea that we will need to be hunkered down all day tomorrow because stepping outside will be too treacherous. We are among the fortunate who have the luxury of choosing to stay at home tomorrow. None of us have to report for work at the crack of dawn and there were no existing plans on the calendar to wonder about braving the elements to get to.

I have spent the day planning and preparing for the possibility that we could lose power. At Zachary’s 8:00am hockey practice, some of the dads were comparing this storm to the Great Ice Storm of 1998. The latest report I heard is that Hamilton, because of our location at the western edge of Lake Ontario, is supposed to get 2.5 inches of ice accretion.

It is just starting to get dark and the rain is changing over to freezing. The five of us are all at home and hunkered down. I am just thrilled to know that we are ready for any eventuality. It’s quite likely that I didn’t need to do any preparation today but the feeling of knowing that I can keep my family warm, dry and well fed makes my heart beat happy.

Here’s my Radical Storm 2013 prep;

  • Our two-burner propane stove has been tested and is ready to cook and heat water
  • Three canisters of propane
  • Three meals stocked in the fridge
  • Both cars with full gas tanks
  • $200 cash in my wallet
  • Lots of candles
  • Batteries
  • Flashlights at the ready
  • All devices fully charged
  • Hot water bottles for everyone if beds need to be warmed
  • A big new bag of sidewalk salt
  • A major clearing of the sidewalk outside the house and salt already down
  • Lots of potato chips for movie watching (in case we don’t lose power but can’t go outside tomorrow)

As the freezing rain begins to batter the windows, I am a contented Mama Bear knowing that my cubs will be happy, healthy and warm during this uncertain winter hibernation!Hibernate

Details of the ‘Ice Storm 2013’ to follow…

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