The Towel

I’ve gone ahead and done it. I’ve thrown in the towel. At 3:00 this morning after yet another restless night of itching, scratching and pain, I decided that I could no longer fight the good fight. And so, six hours later at our local Urgent Care Centre, the proverbial towel landed directly at the feet of the doctor.

My skin issues are not, as I had supposed, hives. Rather, just a Throw in the Towelmassive systemic flare of eczema. I will not go into unnecessary and gory detail but, suffice it to say, the doctor’s jaw dropped when he learned that I had been suffering since the beginning of the month.

Fortunately, there is no infection so antibiotics were not necessary. However, a strong dose of oral Prednisone was prescribed and I have never felt happier or more eager to fill a prescription in my life. And when the friendly young pharmacist told me I might feel relief as early as this afternoon, I could have thrown my arms around him and kissed him!

Just the possibility of an-itch-free day is the very best Christmas present ever.

There is a little niggly piece of me that is disappointed that the allopathic route was necessary. I just do not agree with the practice of covering up symptoms. However, in this case, I am not sleeping, I am miserable and I am as uncomfortable as I think I have ever been. I just could not continue with this particular fight.

And so, thanks to my first dose of Prednisone almost five hours ago, I am already feeling relief. I can actually live more than two feet from an ice pack, I don’t feel the urge to burst into frustrated tears and I know it will be even better tomorrow.

And so, the Grinch has once again been transformed and life is looking up. I am off to enjoy a wonderful Christmas dinner with my husband, kids, parents, siblings, nieces, nephews and siblings-in-law. And, honestly, I think it will be the first meal I have truly enjoyed since this month began twenty-six days ago.

A Radically Happy Christmas indeed!Grinch

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