Let Time Go Lightly

It is a Sunday evening. Certainly not my usual, however. Sunday evenings are for laundry, forgotten school forms, school lunch prep, grocery shopping, cooking for the beginning of the week, garbage & recycling at the curb and kids to bed early.

That’s my usual Sunday night.

RelaxingThis evening, however, is entirely different. Thanks to my heavy-duty antihistamine with the sedative and my higher prednisone dose, I actually got some sleep last night. When I got up this morning, however, I felt kind of shaky and hung-over. I am not a very good prescription-drug-taker. They make me feel shaky and disconnected from my body. And, as necessary as I know they are, it still feels weird to be leaning on pharmaceutical medication to get through the night.

A slippery slope perhaps?

I decided this morning that, rather than fight the feeling, I was going to lean into shaky and hung-over. So, after getting Zach off to a long play-date and Michael packed and picked up to go north to ski with my parents, I flaked on the couch and watched three chick-flicks. I didn’t watch the time, I ate when I was hungry, dozed when I felt like it, drank a wide variety of herbal tea and ate leftover raw desserts.

And the day has just drifted gently into evening.

I know that next Sunday evening will be an entirely different story so I am hugging the freedom and ease of this one closely to my heart. And, it gets even better; with a whole week left in my Christmas holiday, I will awaken on a Monday morning without the alarm. And, I will make a big pot of tea and go back to bed to read for as long as I feel like it.

Talk about a Radical Act!Pot of Tea

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