Someone Loves Me Best

I am a mom. I love being a mom. My kids are so dear to me it almost makes my heart hurt.

MMDC Parents LoveI am also a kid. I love being a kid. I love knowing that my parents care just as deeply for me today as they did on the day I was born. I love knowing that they think about me, worry about me and still only ever want what is best for me.

I am cherished. And I have been cherished all my life.

My mom has phoned me every single day for the past month. Not a day has gone by without my beloved mom checking in to see how I am doing. She has kept abreast of every single challenging day of this past month. She has asked me how I am sleeping, if my eczema is improving, if the meds are working, if I have called the doctor, how I am eating. And, often, while we are talking, my dad is in the background shouting out his love or asking questions of his own.

As I was talking to my mom this morning it occurred to me how deeply I appreciate being a kid. And how deeply I appreciate that out there in the world are the two people who love me best in the way that only a parent ever

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