Christmas Go

It is the last night of our Christmas holiday. The boys are tucked up in the Man Cave watching Hockey Night in Canada, Max is out at the last party of the season and I am happily ensconced in our quiet living room with my book and my candles.

cute_cartoon_christmas_tree_character_flyer-r84b2406253dd45c9a245d8a57919bde6_vgvyf_8byvr_512I spent the afternoon getting rid of Christmas and as I look around me I feel as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I absolutely love decorating for Christmas. I love the tree, the lights, the cute and tacky decorations and the beautiful red poinsettias. I love the splendour of the season and I eat it up all through the month of December as the kids eagerly count their way down to the big day.

Once Christmas has come and gone, however, those same decorations seem to take on a depressing pall and I cannot wait to tuck them back into their boxes in the basement to await next year’s yuletide season. I just don’t feel like the New Year can really start until the Christmas tree is sitting in a snowbank. And if I had to, I would probably stay up half the night just to get rid of the decorations before the school bell rings on Monday morning.

Thankfully, I don’t need to go to that extreme!

Well, one more lazy evening until 2014 really kicks into high gear. So, for now, I will just sit and enjoy the quiet, the clean and the back end of Christmas 2013.

But, really, is Christmas ever truly gone? I don’t know about you but I am always finding those last stray pine needles well into August and the echo of Christmas past never fails to charm me!

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