My Daily MEDS

I don’t think I have ever been happier to see the back end of a month than I was at midnight on December 31st. Waking up on January 1st felt like a weight had lifted. I love the New Year. It is as if the slate has been magically been wiped clean and I can start fresh. I love to imagine that absolutely anything is possible and that big things are ahead in the year to come.

I have already shared the fact that I do not make resolutions but I do dream extra big at the tip-top of the New Year.

lululemonI was standing in a Lululemon change room yesterday when I wondered whether a New Year’s resolution was in order after all. As I was trying on my snazzy new yoga pants I caught a rather unfortunate glimpse of myself in the mirror. And for the first time in a very long time, I did not like what I saw. My first reaction was horror and then a rather sinking feeling of depression. Isn’t it funny how fast we women sink into the depths of the body image blues? I called Simon into the change room and asked; ‘Is this really how I look?’ Talk about putting my beloved hubby on the spot! He responded as I knew he would but I did not feel placated and dragged myself through the remainder of our returning-Christmas-gifts trip to the mall.

On the way home from the mall I determined that it was time to pull out the big guns. It was time to go back to a practice that I have gotten away from over the past six months. It was time to re-engage with my MEDS. And, no, I do not mean pharmaceuticals here. I am talking about Meditation, Exercise, Diet and Sleep. The daily MEDS.

images (4)And so, I woke up early this morning, worked for an hour, got the kids off to school and headed straight to my local women-only gym and joined. The added bonus was that three of my girlfriends were there and it felt like a party. I did an awesome weights class and absolutely loved every second of it. The workout was challenging, fun and utterly motivating. I am so passionate about music and dancing and pushing the limits of my body and it is too long since I have engaged that passion.

I had so much post-workout energy today that I have been barreling through the work that has been hanging over my head for weeks. My e-mail Inbox is empty, proposals are written, clients have been contacted and I had three new pieces of business land in my lap just this afternoon.

With this renewed vigour, I figure I will strike while the iron is hot and get my daily meditation practice back on-line as well. My plan is to greet the dawn at 5:30 tomorrow morning to start my day quietly, reverently and peacefully.

Diet and sleep are pretty much in the bag already and with meditation and exercise re-engaged I am now back on my daily MEDS…and feeling pretty darn wonderful about it!

And, just as an aside, the consensus at the gym this morning was that I am not the only one who has been traumatized by a Lululemon change room mirror!diet-cartoon-3

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