The Radical Act of Snuggling

I left the house this morning at 6:15 while my three beautiful boys were still sleeping peacefully. I spent a fabulous day running a workshop in Toronto and arrived home at 7:00pm feeling wildly fulfilled by my day and also a little weary. After a quick dinner of leftovers it was time to get Michael and Zachary tucked into bed for the night.12542-bigthumbnail

As I made my way upstairs with them all I could think was; ‘I need to make this quick…I have a blog post to write.’ The three of us tucked into Michael’s big bed together and took turns reading books out loud. It was so comfy and warm I decided I could take a little more time than I had planned and settled in for some serious snuggling, back rubs, head rubs and quiet time together.

An hour later I am now sitting down to my blog post and realizing that there is absolutely no act more Radical than giving myself over to snuggling my beautiful children before they drift into a night of sleep.

Sweet dreams! xo:)

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