An Idea Worth Spreading

When I meditate I do not try to clear my mind of all thought. And I do not push away the intriguing wanderings of my subconscious. Instead, I embrace the thoughts, take a few minutes to explore them, and then settle into the theme for my meditation.

taglineAnd each morning, as I go through this ritual, I hear the echo of Microsoft’s old advertising campaign; ‘Where Do You Want To Go Today?’ It’s almost as if I have a travel brochure in my mind’s eye and every meditation takes me on a wonderful little journey into something that I am manifesting into my life. I think of it as a daily practice of free-form manifesting. I am intentionally creating my life morning by morning and meditation by meditation.

This morning I travelled to my blog. I saw it going viral. I saw the WordPress stats rising into the hundreds of thousands and the map of my readership spanning the entire globe. I saw my blog being published as a book and I saw myself being invited to speak all over the world about 365 Radical Acts. I also saw myself being invited to deliver a TED Talk.

TEDTalksTop100The TED Talk is one of my big, bold and magnificent dreams!

As I meditated, I could feel myself up on that stage. I saw the audience and I felt the energy and the rush of the moment. I felt the excitement and the butterflies in my stomach. And because I was completely relaxed and grounded in my meditation, I did not feel any pressure to come up with a talk…it just happened. My TED Talk took shape and my message was easily distilled as I sat on my couch with my eyes closed in the darkness and the quiet.

And what is my message?

My message is all about connection. Connection with self, with our bodies, with our families, with our friends, with our money, with our work, and with our purpose. And my experience of the past eighty three days is that it starts with noticing.

365 Radical Acts has encouraged me to open my eyes to the everyday ordinary. Now that I am mindfully noticing something in every day that is extraordinary, I am feeling a deeper connection to my life than I ever have. I am now stopping to really notice even the smallest things; the way the sun feels on my face coming through a winter window, the nurturing smell of home baking in the air, the smile of a stranger, the sheer bliss of a bedtime snuggle, the gift of my favourite foods, the miraculous impact of music, and the deep connection to my beloved parents.

The impact of 365 Radical Acts is that I am waking up to my life. And the daily process of taking note of the everyday extraordinary is connecting me in a way that I could never have imagined when I boldly launched this project eighty three days ago.

download (8)What if we all took a few moments in every day to notice the extraordinary ordinary? What if we were witnessing, on a daily basis, the miraculous aspects of our lives that make us all so incredibly special? What would the impact be if we all felt a deeper connection to self?

My TED Talk is an invitation to intentionally bear witness to the miracles that inhabit each and every day of our lives. Some of the miracles are glaringly obvious and some a little more elusive, but they are there. And each one of those miracles is just begging to be noticed. And if we are all noticing those daily miracles and connecting deep within ourselves, just imagine the impact on a global scale.

I think that is an idea worth spreading!images (8)

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