The Yin and the Yang

1507897_10201540670701768_346337992_nMichael and I are up north in Thornbury at my Mom & Dad’s place for a long weekend. My sister-in-law, Janine, is here with her three adorable young kids and we are having a fabulous time together.

I took Michael and my niece, Grace, into the Blue Mountain Village this morning for a skate on the enormous pond and then out for a Starbucks hot chocolate. After lunch the three of us headed off to the local library for a quiet afternoon of book browsing and reading while the little ones slept the afternoon away.

Now it is my turn for some quiet time. Michael is off with Janine and the kids at a friend’s place for a pizza and dance party and I am enjoying tea time by the fire with my parents.

As I sat down to blog a few minutes ago it occurred to me how completely relaxed I am feeling. As I tapped into the feeling, I realized that I have shifted into a lower gear this weekend. I not only feel the freedom of only one child to parent but also the change of pace from my enormous male-dominated family system.

Don’t get me wrong…I adore all my boys and their boundless collective energy. Sometimes, however, I just need a little energetic infusion of a quieter female energy. Our little weekend party is giving me just that. Snuggling with my nieces, playing with my baby nephew and connecting with my beloved parents is knitting up the ravelled sleeve, so to speak.

As I slip into the quiet of the afternoon, it occurs to me how deeply I appreciate the full range of this amazing journey and the intricate dance within the yin and the yang of my spectacular life!yin-yang-sign-21589289

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