Snow Day!

Snow Day!

What kid does not light up at the sound of those two words?! There is just something so delicious about waking up for a day of school and discovering that Mother Nature has generously orchestrated a day off to stay at home and play.

images (11)I awakened at 5:00 this morning to meditate quietly and get an hour of work done before the morning routine kicked into high gear. It was a very windy and blustery morning and I was distracted by the whiteouts whipping by my window.

The phone rang moments before I was going to head upstairs to begin the arduous process of getting three reluctant kids out of bed on a cold winter Monday morning. It was our school board with a recorded announcement that, due to inclement weather, schools were closed for the day.

Snow Day!

As a parent, there is really nothing more fun than telling your kids it is a Snow Day. I kind of felt like Santa Claus as I delivered the news all three times.

My Radical Act for today was to lean into the Snow Day and not try to work. There is really nothing more frustrating than being half at work and half at home. And particularly tricky with a home office. And so, my Radical Act for today was to give myself over to my kids and to the Snow Day.

My Snow Day consisted mostly of chauffeuring around five boys. Up to Pro Hockey Life to have four pairs of skates sharpened, followed by delivery and then pick up at the park for two hours of shinny, a Tim Horton’s run on the way home for hot chocolate and, finally, a stop at the variety store for chips to munch on during their afternoon movie.

It is now 5:00pm and I am finally sitting down to enjoy the cold wintry day outside my window.

Is it just me, or were Snow Days more fun as a kid…?!?!snow_day

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