Chicken Soup

If you are a meat-eater. If you have chicken bones in your freezer. If you have carrots, onions, celery, fresh thyme and a few bay leaves. If you have a kick-ass stock pot. If your youngest is home sick with a nasty cold. And, if the thermometer in your neck-of-the-woods has dropped below minus 20 degrees Celsius.

French_country_chicken_soup-1-lWhat do you do?

You make a great big, yummy-smelling pot of homemade chicken soup!

It feels like a task of endurance to be outside today. The wind chill is hovering below minus thirty. Every person who walks by my window is bundled up and hunkered down as deep as they can get into their winter woollies. And every single person who has walked through my door today has responded to the smell of chicken stock bubbling on the stove.

It just feels like being wrapped up in a warm hug. It feels like coming home.

And tomorrow, the magic of my rich chicken broth will morph into delicious, nurturing chicken soup to warm tummies and hearts, chase away the sneezing and sniffling, and make this January deep freeze just a little bit easier.  chicken_doctor_people_soup_1172985

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