I have been self-employed for six years and, in the past three weeks, it has finally dawned on me that I am my own boss! And what facilitated this epiphany, you ask? Joining my local women-only gym three weeks ago.

download (11)I used to be an early morning gym visitor. I would set my alarm for 4:30am, spend a half hour or so meditating and then be in the gym by 5:30. And every morning, especially in the winter, I had to dig deep to encourage myself to venture out into the cold, dark morning.

I never loved it, but I did it.

I worked out in the early morning because, subscribing fully to the Protestant Work Ethic, the hours between 9:00 and 5:00 were for work, only work, and nothing but work, so help me God. Not for exercise, not for play, not for rest, not for writing.

And certainly not for fun.

My exercise epiphany started on Day One of my new gym membership. I had decided that the Monday morning class that was most appealing was the 9:00am class (not the 6:00am class…not even the 8:00am class). I got up very early that morning to get a couple of hours of work done so that I could justify taking time out of my work day. When I mentioned this to Simon he laughed and said; ‘you know that you are your own boss, right?’

download (12)I am my own boss. And yet I have been driving myself as if I punch a time clock.

Well, all that has changed Radically.

I have felt wonderfully rebellious these past three weeks. I have completely changed my work life. I work out at 9:00am three mornings a week. I come home and have an Epsom salts bath followed by a shower. Then I make myself a yummy brunch and get to my desk sometime around noon.

And guess what? I have had more energy and been more productive in the past three weeks than I ever have. After a visit to the gym I am energized, my creative juices are flowing and I am relaxed. Work that usually takes me ages to sit down to now gets done efficiently and gets done well. I am motivated, I am jazzed. And I am absolutely on fire!

Nothing like a Radical internal shake-up to bust the January blahs!

And to make my epiphany complete? Max and I are going skiing tomorrow.

Skiing on a Thursday?!?! Oh the shame…!images (13)

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