Tomorrow is Max’s 15th birthday. My eldest baby is fifteen years old tomorrow! Surely I’m not old enough to be the mother of a kid that grown up!!!!

download (13)Our family birthday tradition is to go out to a restaurant to celebrate. The birthday boy (or girl, in my case) gets to pick the restaurant, and it is always a raucous event full of laughter, teasing, jokes and family fun!

Usually the birthday dinners are Katie and her four boys. Tonight, however, we had Max’s girlfriend, Taya, along with us. And, I have to say, it was absolutely delightful!

I have said it many times, and I will say it many more times to come…I LOVE being a boy mom! Sometimes, however, it is just so nice to have some female energy around me to round out the heavy testosterone. And tonight it was particularly lovely.

Taya is one of the most laid-back young women I have ever known. She is mature, funny, beautiful, and adorable. And, she just loves the crazy antics of my beloved Max.

My heart felt very full as I looked around the dinner table tonight. And Taya added a dimension that just had my heart perilously close to bursting!using-intuiton-ezine4-001

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