Coming In For a Landing

My first coach, Annie, used to call me ‘fly girl’. When I worked with Annie I absolutely loved dreaming and thinking and planning. I discovered a rich and wonderful imagination that could take me anywhere I wanted to go and I got really good at using it. Annie called me ‘fly girl’ because I wanted to stay up in the higher energies and never come down. I struggled to ground my energy in consensus reality. I resisted the here and now.Jumping

I eventually learned the importance of grounding my energy and spending time in both the higher energies and the lower ones. My default, however, is still to play way up there in all the fun!

After the day I have had, I sure appreciate all the times that Annie encouraged ‘fly girl’ to come in for a landing and stay for a while.

I drove into Toronto this morning for an appointment with a new practitioner. He came highly recommended as an acupuncturist, shiatsu therapist and chakra healer. I am still working hard to get my system into balance and I was excited to experience acupuncture as yet another healing modality.

Unfortunately, I never did have any acupuncture. It turned out that the two hour appointment was a ‘reading’ of my system. Some of what he told me was very valuable and some felt quite harsh. On the drive back to Hamilton I felt upset and unsettled. As I observed my response to my session I realized that, although there was information that was useful, I was feeling the distinct absence of connection. There had been no love or emotional connection in the appointment I had just had. All I got was information.

images (14)I am a connection junkie. I seek it out. I love it. Human connection lights me up like nothing else can ever do. I just love love.

When I arrived home I felt lost and ungrounded. I felt unsure of myself and emotionally upset. I was trying very hard not to be disappointed in myself that I had let the appointment have such an impact on me. And with the kids at school and Simon at work, I had no easy focus for my feeling of uneasy emotional drift.

As I rattled aimlessly around my house I could hear Annie’s voice. I could feel her encouraging me to ground my energy. And before I could really think about it, I was melting chocolate and coconut oil. I was sifting quinoa flour and measuring ingredients while working through my turbulent emotions. I needed the smell of brownies baking in my house. I needed to feel the love, the warmth and the grounding. I needed the home-baked aroma of love.

My brownies came out of the oven moments before I was to leave to collect Zachary from school. Part two of my grounding was to be a walk to school in the crisp afternoon sunshine. And as much as I just wanted to drive to pick him up, I tuned into the message that I needed to walk. I needed to be physically connected to the earth.

When Zachary and I arrived home I started in on part three; turning my home-made chicken broth into a steaming pot of wholesome and delicious soup. After almost two hours of peeling, chopping, stirring and sampling, my soup was ready.

I was back on the ground and back in my body.

Isn’t it wonderful that today’s three-part grounding gave me delicious brownies, wholesome soup, and healthy exercise and sunshine…thank you Annie and I love you!

Fly girl’ over and out… ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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