I am a winter lover. I love the snow, the cold, and the winter storms. I love rosy cheeks, skiing, skating, tobogganing and the sound of the crunchy snow under my boots.

coldWhen I awakened at dawn to another dark and very cold morning, however, I felt a weariness in my spirit. I am feeling a little tired of this severe winter weather. It has been so bitterly cold and so harsh that even I, winter-lover-extraordinaire, am struggling to keep up my usual winter enthusiasm.

I decided that a Zumba class would help with my winter blahs so I donned my workout gear and headed for the gym after school drop-off. There is absolutely nothing pretty about me in a Zumba class but I had a ton of fun and worked up a good sweat. The next stop was a quick visit to my local grocery store for a few essentials before returning home to my desk and the pile of work awaiting my attention.

pink-tulips-75023When I walked through the doors of the grocery store I was met by a huge display of beautiful spring flowers and my mood was instantly transformed. There was something about the colour of all those blooms that just lifted my spirit and delighted my senses. I decided that I needed some of that colour to accompany me home so I ventured into the cooler and came out with a sizable bunch of my signature flower…the soft pink tulip.

When I arrived home I enthusiastically threw out the last two lingering Christmas poinsettias. Enough already…Christmas is way behind us and spring is ahead.

The moment I unwrapped my tulips from their packaging the energy in my house shifted from winter blahs to spring possibility and hope. My beautiful tulips are sitting in the centre of my dining room table and they look happy, lively, and expectant. Isn’t it amazing how a $7.99 purchase can shift the psyche so Radically?

My trusty iPad just informed me that we are currently under a Snowfall Watch and could see up to 25cm of snow in the next twenty four hours. As much as I adore a good winter storm, I have to admit that I am leaning into the energy of those tulips as they remind me that spring is only six weeks away!images (16)

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