A Radical One Hundred

Today is my one hundredth blog post. Today, 365 Radical Acts is one hundred days old!

100posts1When I launched this project one hundred days ago I wondered if I was a bit nuts. My life was already very full with a busy family to care for, a coaching business to run and not a whole lot of disposable leisure time to speak of. I truly wondered where I was going to find the time to write every single day.

Here’s what I have learned in the past one hundred days;

  • Writing and publishing every day has become a habit (and, frankly, one of the easiest habits I have ever formed)
  • Setting an audacious goal is critical to my success
  • There is always time in the day for writing
  • My family gives me the space I need for blogging
  • I can write in the middle of the chaos of my household
  • I love living my life through the writer’s lens…always on the lookout for the next story
  • I am noticing (and appreciating) the little things more than I ever have
  • This blog is for me…readership is appreciated but certainly not a marker of success
  • There is something to write about every single day
  • If I feel passion for what I am doing, it is easy
  • I LOVE writing
  • I am wildly fulfilled creatively
  • I am a darn good writer
  • I am extremely proud of myself

cartoon20telephoneI could have spent years waiting for the right time to start a daily blog; when the kids are older, when I am working less, when we are empty-nesters. One hundred days ago I felt the call to honour my creativity. And it told me that the time was now. I could have ignored that call and had a myriad of very valid reasons why I could not possibly fit one more thing into my busy life. And, I would not have felt bad about it either.

I did not ignore the call. I leaned in. I got courageous. I went for it. And that decision has altered me in ways I cannot possibly understand at this moment.

And the greatest lesson in the past one hundred days? That there is always time to do something I really want to do. And if there isn’t time? Then, it isn’t something I really want to do anyway.

I have given myself an invaluable gift…the privilege of quenching my thirst for writing, the sheer bliss of living large, and the wonder of seeking out and celebrating the everyday ordinary in my extraordinary life!xmas gift

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