What’s Good?

As the mother of a fifteen-year-old boy, and with a house that is open to any and all of our sons’ friends, I spend a great deal of time in the company of teenage boys. Having only had the female experience of teenage-hood, I am fascinated by the male teenage culture and, specifically, their vernacular.

logotest3One of the intriguing aspects of the vernacular, which I find both endearing and uplifting, is the way in which they greet each other. Instead of ‘hi’, ‘hey’, or ‘how ya’ doin?’, their greeting of choice is; ‘what’s good?’

Every time I hear one of them say ‘what’s good’ it just warms my heart. I simply love the optimism and the positivity of such a greeting. It’s as if there is this unspoken request for positivity and the assumption that something is always good. As a coach, I am continuously pointing my clients towards the concept of ‘what is right with your world’? For some people, that concept can be very challenging to master.

It seems that these teenage boys already have that one figured out. And that’s good!download (17)

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