A Day in the Life

work-life-balanceI lived the perfect day today. I woke up early, meditated with Simon, put the finishing touches on my workshop, had breakfast with my family, put my big-girl clothes on and caught an 8:47 GoBus into Toronto.

Once I got there I ran two 90-minute workshops and was back on the bus and home by 5:30pm.

I absolutely love, love, love running workshops. I love the challenge of a new group, the rush of connecting, and the knowing that there are some people who will be changed in some small way because they were ready for the content that I was delivering.

I love the work I do and I am so incredibly appreciative of the opportunity to do it. And tomorrow I get to work from home in my jeans…how’s that for life balance?

And all I can say is…Universe…keep it coming!

Happy Monday!

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