Letting Go

My sons and I were on the ski slopes yesterday for eight hours. At 4:30, when our day tickets were expiring, I got a call from Max. He and Michael were bombing the black diamond runs together while I was on the easier terrain with Zach and his snowboard. Max and Michael felt that eight hours was not quite enough slope-time and were requesting to stay for night skiing. ‘Aren’t you exhausted?’ I exclaimed. ‘Seriously mom’, was the oh-so-casual response.9133318-cartoon-kids-skiing

I told them I would give it some thought while I was on my way to our end-of-day meeting place. As I was driving to pick them up I tuned in to my gut which was telling me that after a solid eight-hour day they were not at the top of their game for night skiing and should come back to the chalet with me. They were disappointed but acquiesced easily as I shared my reasoning. I also assured them that we would do some night skiing over the March Break.

On the drive back to my parents’ chalet they asked if they could stay up for an extra day. We were all to leave at 8:00am the following morning to get Zachary home for his noon hockey game. I told them I would consider it, talk to my parents, and let them know.

I have already blogged about how fantastic my parents are, so it will come as no surprise that they were not only supportive of our proposal but had already cooked up their own plan to have the boys stay for an extra day on the slopes.

street-signThe only little niggle about the plan was that Max and Michael would be spending the entire day by themselves. My brother and his family would be around for a while but they would mostly be on their own. I would not be there to touch base with them every hour or so and if one of them happened to get hurt I would be a three hour drive away.

As I dropped them at 8:15 this morning my head was wondering if I was crazy to let them go. However, as I tuned into my gut I got two enthusiastic thumbs up.

And as I had done the afternoon before, I went with the gut.

After big kisses and hugs goodbye, I watched them walk away from me on their way to the ski lift. My heart did a little clutch because they both looked so big and so ready to be away from me in this way. And as I drove away I just knew that I had made the right decision and that they would have a fabulous day together.

I got regular calls and texts from Max and my biggest chuckle was at 10:00am when they had stopped for some breakfast and a hot chocolate. I said to Max; ‘so is Michael having Skittles for breakfast?’ Max laughed and said; ‘Skittles for breakfast? No way mom! He’s having Swedish Berries!’

And, truly, in the spirit of letting go, Swedish Berries for breakfast sounded just perfect to me! download (20)

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