The Beauty of the Bee

Beeswax CandlesI am a big believer in ritual and my favourite one is writing in the afternoon. Sometimes when I sit down to write, I know exactly what my topic will be. And sometimes I have no idea until my fingers hit the keyboard.

One of the best ways to get into the swing of my writing is to brew a cup of tea and light a beautiful beeswax candle. There is something about the smell of beeswax that just delights my senses and gets the creative juices flowing. And I don’t just light beeswax candles for writing. I light them for relaxation, romance, grounding, happiness, and sadness.

There is just something about the warm amber glow and the smell of beeswax that makes me feel as if I am in the presence of greatness. And, really, what better muse than the mighty honey bee to inspire me every afternoon as I spin the yarn of my everyday extraordinary?

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