Drip-Drops Keep Falling on my Head

When I got off the GoBus at Union Station today the sun was shining and the buildings were dripping. And as much as the drips were wreaking havoc with my corporate hair-do, I absolutely loved the feeling of enough warmth in the air that the snow was starting to melt.images (24)

And I wasn’t the only one.

Everywhere I looked people were smiling, chatting happily with each other and wearing their sunglasses. And, I also realized, we were walking with our heads up for the first time in months. There is a very distinctive look about people who are walking from place to place in the winter. It’s a wonder we are not all hunchbacks by the end of the season.

I know that the thermometer is supposed to take another plunge in a few days, but today we had a little taste of spring…and it was truly delicious!cartoon-sun-hi

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