Life Force

Every once in a while a magnificent non-fiction page-turner drops into my life. And the one that dropped in three days ago, and that I am reading voraciously at the moment, is entitled Life Force by Brian R. Clement. Dr. Clement is the co-director of the Hippocrates Health Institute in south Florida and is an alternative health specialist with thirty years of healing cancer, diabetes, ulcers, depression, IBS, hepatitis, and Crohn’s Disease, to name a few .

lifeforceFive months ago, my friend, Loren, who is a passionate and wonderfully outspoken raw foodie, regaled me with her three week residential experience at the Hippocrates Health Institute. I had never heard of the institute and listened with a combination of horror and fascination as she entertained me with her experience at Hippocrates.

I was certainly fascinated but quickly dismissed Hippocrates and Dr. Clement as having anything to offer me. The foundation of their wellness program is a strict raw vegan diet and as a proud card-carrying-carnivore we were certainly at odds.

I have always loathed the word ‘vegan’. It’s not vegans I have a problem with, just the word they use to classify their way of life. It has always sounded to me like some kind of hostile alien race come to take us over and suck out our brains.

A rational attitude? Certainly not! But there you have it.

So anyway, shortly after the Hippocrates conversation, Loren began to encourage me towards numerous raw vegan recommendations. She also told me about Dr. Clement’s book and recommended it as a good starting point for me. I have no idea why, but I went straight home and ordered it off Amazon. I wasn’t in the least bit interested in entertaining a raw vegan lifestyle but for some reason, possibly to placate Loren if she asked me, I ordered the book.

A few days later it arrived on my doorstep. I carefully unpacked it and placed it on my bookshelf. And, as I did so, I realized that it would likely be in the next school Book Sale before the year was out.

When I wrote about giving up meat during my Clean Cleanse the other day, what I did not mention is that it had been Loren who had challenged me to give it a try. She didn’t even have to push me too hard. It seems I was already primed for her gentle encouragement.

6a00d8341fd10e53ef01a3fc415273970b-800wiI am on Day 4 of the cleanse. I am now four days with no meat and I am not sure I have ever felt the kind of exuberant energy that I have experienced over the past three days. I have felt it in my workshops. I have felt it in my meditations and I have felt it in my workouts at the gym.

I kind of wondered if I was imagining the shift but I really do feel incredible.

I decided to give Dr. Clement’s book a quick glance to see what he had to say about removing meat from my diet. What I really wanted was for him to tell me that I would have more energy and that my eczema would clear up. I wanted to hear the good news story about the three-week choice I had made. I was in no way prepared to get completely and utterly sucked into a stunningly wonderful read about my body, my health and the food that I have been choosing to nourish myself with.

And do you want to hear the craziest thing? I am actually considering the raw vegan lifestyle!

All I can think is that the teacher is always there when the student is ready. Loren was at the gym on Tuesday morning to give me the gentle nudge, Dr. Clement’s book was ready and waiting on my shelf the moment I was ready to read it, and my body was primed for this Radical Act of removing all animal products from my diet.

All I know is that it feels like a quantum shift in the way I am choosing to live my life.

Hey, maybe this is one of those Radical Acts of audacious health that I have been so deliciously anticipating.

I have no idea where this is heading but it sure feels like I’m on one cool and crazy ride10499254-bungee-jumping

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