Happy Cow

I am on Day 9 of my 21-day meat-free Clean Cleanse. Apart from my eczema which, I think, is just beginning to subside, I feel absolutely wonderful. I am loath to make any pronouncements at this point, but I have an inkling that I will not want to go back to eating meat at the end of this 21-day experiment. I am finding my raw vegan diet extremely satisfying and completely delicious. Not to mention the fact that my energy is zippy and my clarity splendid.

The only hitch to my anticipated diet strategy is how to take it on the road for my upcoming holidays.

13-2In just over two weeks Simon and I are travelling to Barcelona for a week (part business and part pleasure). Even though we don’t leave for two weeks, I am already starting to think about and plan our trip. Usually I am thinking clothes, guidebooks and maps. This time, however, I am thinking food, food and food.

I have never travelled to Spain and I have no idea how I am going to feed myself while I am there. I know that I will travel with my Magic Bullet, my raw smoothie protein powder for breakfast and LARA bars for snacks, but what about meals?

Long before I decided to remove meat from my diet, I ran into a wonderful man at Loren’s raw food café who told me about Happy Cow. Happy Cow is a website that enables vegetarians and vegans to locate restaurants all over the world which cater specifically to their needs. At the time, I didn’t pay much attention because, frankly, I didn’t need to. As a card-carrying-carnivore, I could eat anywhere I wanted with little to no fuss.

images (25)However, now all that has changed and I am thrilled to have discovered that there are people out there in the world supporting the vegan and vegetarian world travellers.

Just before jumping on this blog post, Happy Cow informed me that there are 6 vegan restaurants, 33 vegetarian restaurants and 64 health stores right in Barcelona. I even get reviews and descriptions of each and every one of them.

So now, I get to relax and enjoy the happy anticipation of our trip knowing that Happy Cow has my back.

Now, if I could just get Happy Cow to liase with Air Canada to discover what food I can bring on the airplane with me for my seven hour flight… 🙂  images (26)

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