Alien Homicide

I took possession of my lovely new manual wheatgrass juicer this morning and took it for a test drive after my visit to the gym. I tend to be particularly challenged by assembly directions and my new juicer was no exception. After twenty minutes of studying the directions upside down and backwards, I managed to get it together.

download (25)Whether I could make it work was yet to be determined.

When Loren handed me the box this morning at the gym, she warned me that the first time she had used hers, the juice had ended up all over the floor. It seems that the juice comes out a fairly mysterious hole that is not entirely intuitive. I nodded and thanked her and, I guess, didn’t really register her advice.

Much to my chagrin, my first batch of wheatgrass juice ended up all over my socks and my kitchen floor. When I looked down and realized that I had explicitly not followed Loren’s advice, I felt like I was in the middle of some alien crime scene. It looked as if there was green blood everywhere.

I got the crime scene cleaned up and started again, this time with the juice collection container in the right position. I felt like a little kid as the precious juice began to collect in the container. Every drop so precious and so vibrantly green. I couldn’t wait to knock it into my body and feel the chlorophyll coursing through my system.

images (29)After juicing almost 4 ounces, I called it quits and began the process of dismantling and cleaning my contraption. Again, it looked like yet another alien had been horribly mutilated. There were drips of green all over my floor, down my kitchen drawers and pooling in my sink. If Mulder and Scully had been anywhere in my vicinity, I could have been in deep trouble!

I think this wheatgrass-juicing-thing is going to take some getting used to.

Apart from the excitement of drinking my green nectar, I absolutely loved the fresh smell of wheatgrass that lingered in my house while I worked at my desk. All I could think is that Mother Nature’s air fresheners are just so superior to anything any chemist has ever come up with.

This Radical voyage of discovery continues…and I’m totally pumped! 🙂


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