Not in Kansas Anymore

I spent the day in Toronto today. I had meetings and a lunch date followed by a dermatology specialist appointment at Sunnybrook Hospital.

download (26)As the lunch hour approached and my tummy began to rumble I felt a distinct trepidation about going into the restaurant my friend had chosen. I am accustomed to avoiding gluten, dairy and corn so that’s no big deal. What I am not accustomed to is avoiding eggs and meat in addition to gluten, dairy and corn.

As I scanned the menu and came up with only one single thing that I could eat, I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz as she turns to Toto and says; ‘I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.’

images (30)Fortunately, I anticipated the dearth of lunch choices today and packed a lunch to eat after my lunch date. What about when I am not at home? What will I eat? For the foreseeable future, I am going to remain meat-free. Am I going to be in a constant state of hunger whenever I am away from home? A garden salad is just not going to hold me for more than fifteen minutes.

Feeling a little leery about this no-meat choice. If only raw food restaurants were everywhere I wanted to go. And even though Happy Cow has informed me that there are lots of vegan and vegetarian options in Barcelona, will I be able to find any of those restaurants? Am I going to live on Lara Bars when I am away?

Oh dear.

This Radical Act feels just a bit too Radical today!download (27)



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