Good, Better, Best

When I put my mind to something, I am like a dog with a bone. And when I decide to make a change in my life, there is absolutely nothing less than 100% as I make the shift. And if there is a guideline, parameter or best practice to follow…I follow it. Take this cleanse I am on, for example. If the book says; no sugar, no caffeine, no nightshade vegetables, then I will not let any of those pass my lips for the duration of the cleanse. It doesn’t even occur to me to bend the rules, even just a little bit.

Hmmm…guess I’m a wee bit Type A, huh? But that’s a topic for another blog post!

images (31)When I decided to give up all animal products at the start of my cleanse sixteen days ago, I had no idea that I was at the very beginning of yet another amazing leg of my journey. The past sixteen days has been truly incredible. With Dr. Brian Cement’s book, Life Force, as a springboard, I have learned more about food and nutrition in the past two weeks than I have learned and truly understood in a lifetime. I feel like a bit of a junky; I am reading books, watching videos, listening to interviews and Googling like crazy on the topic of nutrition and health.

And my focus of all this research is on raw food. I am learning about wheatgrass, blue-green algae, sprouted nuts, seeds, kale, sprouts and living food. I am also learning about oxygenating my blood, enzymes, detoxification and elimination.

raw-food-pyramid_24x24smI have been circling around the raw food lifestyle for a few years now and have never really landed on the remote possibility that it could be for me. I have essentially been eating raw food for the past two weeks and I feel absolutely wonderful. My eczema is clearing up, I have a zippy energy, and I have a feeling of clarity that has been missing for some time.

Knowing my propensity to get completely absorbed by how I choose to live my life, it would be very easy for me to slip into a militant raw food lifestyle. Yesterday’s measly garden salad for lunch was a bit of a reality check for me.

In two days I start my two week holiday. Week one I will be skiing up north with the kids at my mom and dad’s ski chalet. And week two, Simon and I will be in Barcelona. I cannot possibly expect that I can eat 100% raw for those two weeks. I know that my smoothie for breakfast will be raw and that I will be able to find the odd raw restaurant along the way. However, I need to let go of the expectation that I can sustain the way I have been eating the past two weeks while I am on the road.

My Radical Act for today is to allow myself to embrace the fact that I have made a Radical shift in the past two weeks and that I have come a long way in a short period of time. I realize that for this shift to be sustainable, I need to allow myself the time to adapt my lifestyle and always feel free to make the choices that are consistent with my values and appropriate to where I find myself when it is mealtime.

And so, while I am on holiday, I will continue to eat as well as I possibly can and look for every opportunity to make the choices that are consistent with the way I want to eat. What I realize though, is that there will be a good, better and best when it comes to how I nourish myself and that I am consciously and intentionally choosing to embrace and to celebrate all three.

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