Are You Excited?

When I was a kid, my mom & dad used to go away for a week every November. My grandparents would come and stay for the week and it was AWESOME!

I can remember trailing after my mom the day before she was leaving asking; ‘mom, are you excited?’ As a kid, there is nothing more exciting than airplane travel so I assumed she would be busting with anticipation. Her answer always puzzled me; ‘I’ll be excited when I get on the plane.’ I would shake my head in wonder and wander off to do whatever I happened to be doing at the time feeling a little perplexed at my mom’s lack of enthusiasm.

Now I am the mother and I am getting ready to leave my parents with my kids for a week.

And I am NOT excited!

There is just so much to do to get my family, my household and my business ready to leave for a week. Not to mention the process of getting myself ready to fly in twenty-two hours.

I’ll be excited when I am on the plane!

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