The Unabashed Tourist

While Simon delivered his workshop today, I discovered Barcelona on my own. And, I have fallen absolutely in love!

Barcelona is beautiful, charming, friendly and intriguing!

I decided that I wanted to see as much of the city as I could today so I purchased a ‘hop-on, hop-off’ bus ticket. There were three different lines and I managed to ride the two best ones. And now when Simon and I have our two and a half days together, I have a good idea of what we should do.

Highlights of the day;
– The weather…a beautiful and brilliantly sunny 21 degrees Celsius
– The architecture of this city…incredible
– My lunch at Port Vell (the old port which is totally redone and beautiful)…my very first authentic seafood paella while sitting on a patio overlooking the Mediterranean (gorgeous!!!)
– The Barri Gotic (the old Gothic Quarter) is stunningly beautiful…I am going to start exploring it tomorrow morning while I wait for Simon to meet me after lunch…there are the most intriguing little alleys everywhere that just beckon me to wander in
– The poor sunburned Brits…everywhere I looked there were reams of lobster-looking sunburned people…I knew even before hearing them speak that they would be from the rainy British Isles and probably haven’t seen the sun since last summer (don’t envy them their pain tonight!)
– Lemon gelato while wandering La Rambla in the Barri Gotic
– Discovering a fabulous open-air market just off La Rambla where I bought fresh coconut just out of the shell (and munched it while I wandered the market…can’t wait to take Simon there)
– When I was riding the subway back to the hotel this afternoon, a guy who looked remarkably like a young Julio Iglesias got on the subway dragging some kind of small machine behind him…turns out it was a karaoke machine and he turned it on and proceeded to serenade us all (I made the mistake of making eye contact with him and I felt like I was caught in one of those schmaltzy soap opera moments as he serenaded me with his corny music…as I was by myself, I didn’t dare laugh!)

And, my last highlight is the pot of Earl Grey tea I am enjoying in the beautiful hotel cafe.

Can’t wait to share my day with my beloved hubby! And SO excited to start exploring the city with him when he is finished at noon tomorrow! 🙂

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