Sun Lover

I have left Simon having a siesta at our beautiful apartment. I am sitting in the delightful sunshine by the water in a gelato cafe having, you guessed it, a lemon gelato. It is 5:00 and the sun is still warm and lovely.

I have had another fabulous day in beautiful Barcelona!

After packing my bag and moving out of our hotel room this morning, I hopped the subway to head into the city. As I easily bought my ticket and found my train, it occurred to me how quickly we humans adapt to new surroundings. Yesterday morning I was fumbling with money and the ticket machine and today I felt like an old pro. I was so relaxed I even played Solitaire on my iPad on the way into town instead of anxiously watching every single stop to make sure I didn’t get lost.

20140318-175523.jpgMy first stop was the Arc de Triomf (yes, Barcelona has one too). After that I headed north on foot with a relatively vague idea of where I would find the Sagrada Familia (Gaudi’s famous cathedral).

My intention upon arriving there was to purchase tickets for Simon and I to tour there tomorrow. Turns out I couldn’t buy tickets but it was awesome standing outside and enjoying the splendour of the cathedral. I even had a cup of tea a half block away and basked in the beauty.

After my cup of tea I walked toward the Placa de Catalunya (known as the nerve centre of the city) and thoroughly enjoyed the Modernista architecture along the way, including one of Gaudi’s incredible buildings.


I arrived at the Placa de Catalunya just as Simon texted that he had finished his workshop and was on his way to The Born (the area of the Barri Gotic in which our apartment is located). The Barri Gotic is the old quarter of the city which was built on the old Roman town. Again, I had a vague idea of the direction in which I should be heading and was entranced by the tiny alleyways as I wound my way towards our apartment to meet Simon and our landlady.


Just as I located our address in a tiny little alley, Simon pulled up in his taxi. We unloaded our bags and tried to hunt down the landlady to no avail. As luck would have it, there was a Tapas market in the same alleyway so we decided lunch and a sangria was in order.

Just as we were finishing lunch, our landlady strolled in and we were greeted with a warm embrace and kisses on both cheeks. We had a glass of sangria with her and then decided to head up to the apartment. Considering that the building was built hundreds of years ago, it should have occurred to me that there would be no elevator. What might not have occurred to me is that the stairway would be almost too narrow to manoeuvre with my big suitcase and that the sangria had gone straight to my head.

I am in very good shape but that walk up almost did me in!

Our apartment is absolutely charming with a gorgeous rooftop garden. After getting instructions from the landlady, we took possession of the keys, did a few minutes of unpacking and then headed out to wander the Barri Gotic.


Well, it is now close to 6:00m and the sun is starting to lose its warmth. We are meeting Simon’s colleagues for dinner at 8:00, which is actually embarrassingly early for dinner in Barcelona. We might be the only ones in the restaurant! Apparently it is the best tapas restaurant in Barcelona and just happens to be a 3 minute walk from our apartment.

I am so excited to spend the next two days exploring Barcelona with Simon now that he is finished his work and can relax and be a tourist with me.

First on the agenda in the morning is a tour of the Sagrada Familia…stay tuned! 🙂

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