Uphill All Day

Simon and I just got home from our dinner in the Barceloneta district of Barcelona and we are both completely pooped! As we made our way up the steep and numerous stairs to our apartment a few minutes ago, Simon’s Nike Fuel Band informed us that we have done 17,700 steps today. What the fuel band did not tell us is that most of those steps were up some of Barcelona’s steepest climbs!

I am so tired I can hardly see straight so this post will be mostly pictures.20140319-223511.jpg

Barcelona’s Arc de Triomf on our way to the Sagrada Familia.

When we arrived at the Sagrada Familia at 9:30 this morning there was already a long wait for tickets. However, it was there was well worth the wait. I was absolutely blown away by the beauty of Gaudi’s basilica. The whole structure was unlike anything I have seen before.

The stained glass windows were particularly beautiful and the play of light coming through them was breathtaking. We were also amazed at the intricate stonework on the outside.




After leaving the Sagrada Familia, we decided to head to Parc Guelle, another of Gaudi’s masterpieces. What we did not realize is that it was a very steep and very long climb to get there. Here is a picture taken near the top of our climb. Barcelona is spread out behind Simon and the Sagrada Familia is way in the background over Simon’s left shoulder.


Parc Guelle was a delightful visit and the whimsy of Gaudi’s architecture made us feel as though we had stepped into a Dr. Suess illustration.




By the time we got home we were totally pooped. Simon headed for a siesta on the couch and I headed for the sunny rooftop. There is nothing beautiful about the rooftops of Barcelona but it was wonderful to bask in the afternoon sun, enjoy the view, and listen to the various church bells pealing all around me. I also love the skateboard shelves on the wall of the patio…makes me miss my Max.



After a nice long soak in the little bathtub, I was refreshed and ready for seafood paella in the Barceloneta district. At 8:30 at night I am always amazed how empty the restaurants are except for us tourists who do not tend to eat dinner at 11:00 at night!

Off to bed…last touring day tomorrow! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Uphill All Day

  1. I quite literally wept when we visited Sagrada Familia last year. I’d last been there in 1991 before they started the new work on it. I couldn’t get over the transformation. And yes, Parc Güell is just like stepping into a Dr Seuss book!

    • For me, it was the light that was coming through the stained glass windows that almost did me in! And the fact that Gaudi’s vision and his legacy are being so mindfully honored! I would go back to Barcelona in a heartbeat… :)))

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