Last Day Fun

When we awakened this morning, Simon and I made a conscious decision to do far less walking today than we did yesterday! And so, with this intention in mind, we purchased ‘Hop-on, Hop-off’ bus tickets so that the bus driver could take care of getting us to the sights and we could just enjoy them.

We have had a fun and hilarious day together for our last day in Barcelona. Simon was at his very funniest and I feel as if I have spent the whole day laughing like a lunatic!

It is a little cooler today but the sun is still out in full force. We are heading home to temperatures that are at least 20 degrees colder than what we have been enjoying here, so we soaked in all the sun we could.

We finished our day in the Barceloneta district down by the beach. A couple of yummy Mojitos and an order of fresh cut fries in a funky surfer/skater bar. Then a walk along the boardwalk to home.

After a quick shower, we are going to head out for dinner to a restaurant a few alleys over called Cal Pep. It is reputed to be the best tapas in Barcelona and fills up fast. We tried to eat there the other night with Simon’s colleagues but the bar-style seating did not lend itself to a party of six people. It has a lively atmosphere and a delightful chef who circulates with a big smile on his face. We are excited to eat superbly and to celebrate our fabulous visit to this wonderful city!

Big day of travel ahead tomorrow to get home to our three boys! 🙂

Here are the stops we have made today;


The Catedral de Santa Maria around the corner from our apartment


The stunningly beautiful Catedral Barcelona


On the steps of the Catedral Barcelona


Simon hamming it up with his tiny coffee…certainly not a Tim Horton’s medium!


The Palau Nacional de Montjuic


A vegetarian and allergic to cheese…these meat and cheese cones will not be my afternoon snack!

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