Back On the Wagon

Our trip to Barcelona was a wonderful break. And not just a break from work, the kids, and our regular routine. It was a break from the squeaky-clean eating habits that I observe in my day-to-day life. Not only did I have red wine with every dinner, but also croissants, chocolate croissants, French fries, cookies, potato chips, sugar, dessert and caffeinated tea.

And you know what? It felt wonderful!download (30)

It felt terrific to eat anything I wanted. I felt kind of rebellious and I felt a freedom that I have not experienced for a long time. I didn’t worry about glycemic index, refined sugar, enzymes, fat, and caloric intake. I didn’t worry about anything. I stepped completely out of my regular routine and my holiday was fabulous!

jucing-greensWhen we got home I simply didn’t have the energy to return to my regular eating style of mostly raw food. However, today I awakened with a craving for greens and for raw food. So, after dropping the kids at school I stocked up on organic produce, a big try of wheatgrass, and a beautifully green tray of pea sprouts.

I had a 4-ounce wheatgrass shot for breakfast followed by my raw plant-based smoothie. And, as I write, I am indulging in a bowl full of organic red pepper, avocado, and pea sprouts with cold-pressed olive oil, the juice of an organic lemon and Celtic sea salt sprinkled over the top…absolutely delicious!

And, truly, I think that today’s raw food tastes that much better because I allowed myself to visit the ‘other side’ of eating and then to return home again.

Next stop…a raw lemon cheesecake!download (31)

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