Glued to the Seat

I was a reluctant student all through elementary and high school. I found school to be tedious and largely irrelevant. Looking back, I now understand that I would have been an honor roll student if only there had been a school for leadership, relationship and emotional intelligence. That’s where both my strength and passion lay back then and, quite obviously, still do today.

Alas, there was no School of Relationship so I had to suffer through years of hum-drum education.hcnyu2

During my high school years, I discovered the exquisitely torturous necessity of exam study. As a highly sociable teenage girl, It was quite a shock to discover that I was required to study, all by myself, at the desk in my bedroom. No one to talk to, no music to sing along with, and a complete lack of interest in what I was meant to be studying.

The one bright spot in all the torturous exam studying was the joy and rapture of creating a study schedule. I could organize my time like nobody’s business. I colour-coded my subjects and made sure that I had given equal attention to each and every one of them as I carefully shaded them in with my freshly sharpened coloured pencils. If I had been marked on it, my study schedule would have been held up by each and every one of my teachers as a shining example of an A+!

download (32)The trouble was, after the beautiful study schedule was ready, I actually had to get down to business and study. My dad, in utter bewilderment of my complete inability to study, used to say; ‘Katie, just glue your bum to the seat and get it done!’  I got the concept but just could not get the application.

Today, thanks to the fabulously fulfilling career I have created for myself, I get to be in Relationship School every day. As a Leadership Coach, I get to develop both my leadership and that of others, I get to stand in the beautiful waters of relationship with self and with my clients, and I get to celebrate and continue to develop my gift of emotional intelligence each and every day.

And, thankfully, as a result of this well-chosen career, there is not a lot of gluing-my-bum-to-the-seat required.

As someone who is highly organised and very structured, the running of a small business is extremely rewarding. I still get to make up those awesomely color-coded schedules but now it is all stuff that I want to do. Well…mostly all stuff I want to do. The only exceptions, which take me back to my lamentable school days, are tax preparation and writing proposals for new clients. Those two things are really the un-sexiest things I get to do on a day-to-day basis.

I certainly understand the need for taxes and proposals. In terms of taxes, if I want to be able to keep running this business that I love so much, I need to cooperate with the Canada Revenue Agency. And, to be able to keep doing the work I love so very much, I need to keep proposing and landing new business.

file4831280358596I have two new client proposals that need to be sent to my clients by end-of-day Friday. And, according to my beautiful weekly schedule, today was the day I was to get them written. Well, needless to say, I have done just about everything I could possibly think of today other than getting down to the writing of my proposals (including vacuuming and cleaning the toilets…boy am I ever desperate!)

By 3:00, I had barely scratched the surface of the first one and it was time to go collect the kids from school. When we got home at about 3:30, they all grabbed their brand new Lacrosse sticks and headed to the park. The house was quiet and I had work to do.

My Radical Act for today was to play a bit of hardball with myself. I decided that I would not allow myself to write my blog post (which is something I love to do) until I had completed a rough draft of both proposals. And guess what? They were both done in under 45 minutes.

I guess that’s what my dad meant by; ‘just glue your bum to the seat and get it done.’

Well dad, it only took twenty-seven years for the penny to drop!download (33)

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