Hockey Night at the Geoghegans

6a00e553ff5b268834019affd214b1970cIt is Friday night at 7:00. I am sitting in my nice quiet living room with a cup of tea and my beeswax candle burning. I have just loaded a new book onto my eReader and I have the whole evening stretched out in front of me to read at my leisure, to watch a movie on my iPad, or to go to bed early if I want to.

And why, with three children and a husband at home on a Friday night, do I have all this time to do my own thing?

Hockey Night in Canada!

One of the advantages of living with four male hockey fans during hockey season is that every weekend I get to spend one night at my leisure. I am not a hockey fan and I have absolutely no interest in joining the men in my family in front of the big screen TV in the Man Cave. Don’t get me wrong…I do love spending time with my boys but hockey just doesn’t do it for me and the lure of my own company is too hard to resist.

And when hockey season ends? I guess I go back to cuddling on the couch with my beloved cherubs and a good old zombie movie!zombie

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