Reaching for the Sun

I woke up this morning to a grey and cold-looking sky. When I came downstairs I noticed that there had been snow in the night and the ground was covered with our much-accustomed white. As I observed my family slowly waking up and making their way downstairs, the feeling was one of despondence and disappointment.

The unspoken plea on all of our lips was; when is spring going to arrive?wordSpring

By 10:00 this morning the sky had cleared and the sun came out to light the morning with all its brilliance. As the morning sun poured through our eastern-facing windows I noticed that the flat of pea sprouts that I have sitting in my dining room were all leaning toward the window. As I noticed this endearing phenomenon, it occurred to me that we are all reaching for the sun at the moment. After the long and very cold winter we have had, we need some sunshine.

And, I am delighted to report, that today we got it.

download (34)By noon, there was not a cloud in the sky and the temperature was in the double digits. Simon and I went out for a walk mid-afternoon and it was absolutely delightful to see the park full of parents, dogs and kids, the streets full of bicycles and the sidewalks and benches full of people in their sunglasses and their ear-to-ear smiles.

As I waved to my neighbour, John, from across the street, he called out to me with an exuberant; ‘we made it.’

Yes, indeed, we made it. We made it through the longest and harshest winter that I can recall. And even if there is another little blast of winter, we have made our way out the other side. The icing on the cake is that the sun is going to stick around and the temperatures are going to stay in the double digits for the next two days to usher in the beautifully verdant month of April.

And so, thanks to the precious gift of a stunningly beautiful spring day, my beloved family will go to bed tonight with a renewed energy of hope, happiness and health. And all it took was a simple dose of sunshine.sunshine

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