A Big Boy Now

Zachary celebrated his tenth birthday yesterday and he couldn’t be happier to be ten years old (quite apart from the iPod that he has been so excited to procure).

I had chuckle this morning as Zachary and I were making our way downstairs for breakfast. Simon is away in Seattle on a business trip at the moment so the boys are aware of helping me a little more than usual. Zachary, of all the three boys, is my hardest worker. He loves to be given jobs and has a work ethic that, frankly, blows my mind. This past winter, he spent a great deal of time on The Weather Network website anticipating snowstorms. And there was not a snowfall that went by that he did not earn at least $50.00 shovelling. I know the freckles and the rosy cheeks are hard to resist but he also does a very good job.

As Zachary and I were heading downstairs this morning, I asked him if he would carry a few things down for me because I had to haul the overflowing laundry basket down the stairs. He looked at me with this adorable face and told me that I could carry my own stuff because he would carry the laundry basket for me. I thanked him and said that it was very full and very heavy. Over his shoulder I got a good dose of eye-rolling and a disarming tone; ‘mom, I’m ten years old, I can handle it.’

As I handed over the laundry basket and watched my youngest boy muscle his way down the stairs in front of me, my heart gave a little lurch for the adorably chubby baby he was just yesterday.Zach Little Guy

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